Captive Hangers

Captive hangers are great for use in hotels, hostels, B&B's and other hospitality industries as they deter theft and remove the constant need for replenishing stolen clothes hangers, an essential need for your residing customers.
The all in one construction, made from metal with a chrome finish, ensures the highest level of security with a great look.
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  1. Captive Wooden Wishbone Hanger

    Captive Wooden Wishbone Hanger

    €1.83 Excl. Vat
    • Wooden
    • Durable - Long lasting hanger can survive regular use
    • Versatile - Can be used for retail, warehouse, hospitality, exhibition or home use
    • Excellent Value – Low price and high quality
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  2. Heavy Duty Chrome Captive hanger
  3. Chrome Captive hanger
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