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Visual Merchandising - Instore

Planning out how your store interior is going to be merchandised is a daunting task, but your sales can be massively rewarded for the effort you put in.

Planning how your store is laid out, how your customer is most likely to browse around it, and what products you want to draw their atention through will make for a better, more enjoyable customer experience that should help your bottom line and develop customer loyalty.

You can plan whatever way is easiest for you; a planogram of your store, bullet points, or detailed descriptions. Having it written down will help you to stay focused and will provide a cleaner, flowing theme throughout your store.

Your Hot Zone

The area presented to the customer as they walk through your door is known by some as the hot zone. This is your first point of contact with your customer and they will quickly make the decision to stay and browse, or turn around and leave based on what they see here.

You can use this zone to showcase your best selling, promotional or seasonal products. If you have a window display telling a story, continue this narrative through into your hot zone. Don’t cram it with lots of product. You can rotate this area weekly or fortnightly to keep your store feeling fresh, and to showcase the products you didn’t get out the week before.


Now that you have your customers in store, you can create an atmosphere that compliments your story. Using music and lighting can really enhance the customer experience, with lighting also playing an important part in showcasing your products.

A well lit store can be inviting to customers as they look in, and illuminating your items from angles customers will see will enhance their visibility and draw customers over to have a closer look.  

Stay Tidy

It is easy for your POS area to quickly become cluttered with receipts, task lists, diaries and other daily paperwork, but it is important not to overlook the merchandising potential of your till area.

Use leaflet holders, poster holders & counter displays to showcase offers, promotions, your gift cards and impulse purchases such as accessories or sweets. This provides the finishing touch to your customers experience, and they will leave with images of way they should come back for another visit, rather than what you planned to do that afternoon.

In-Line Displays

Just like your POS area, your queuing area offers great potential for your customers making impulse purchases as they wait patiently in line. Not only does it make the queuing time go faster as they have something to occupy their time, impulse sales account for nearly 65% of retail purchases.

Keep it fresh

Stay on top of your store by regularly (daily, weekly, whatever suits you) walking around and taking notes of anything you notice needs fixed, updated or changed. Once eveything is written down, go over it and but a quick plan together on what yuo should change, what products you want to highlight for the next week (or fortnight/month etc) and put it into action.

Doing this will ensure your store and displays are always looking great, and everytime your customers come in your store feels fresh and new, enticing them to browse again!

Remember to always have a look around the competition close by to see what they are doing and take a nip over to a different part of town to get new ideas and inspiration.