Rope and Belt Barriers

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  1. Chrome Barrier Rope Post

    Chrome Barrier Rope Post

    €60.23 Excl. Vat

      Easily Assembled straight from the box
      Versatile - Can be used with our wall mounted hook plates and different coloured ropes
      Space Saving - Post can be dismantled for easy storage and transportation
      Great Value for a Quality Product

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  2. 1000mm Red Rope & Chrome Ends
  3. 2000mm Red Rope & Chrome Ends
  4. 1000mm Blue Rope & Chrome Ends
  5. 2000mm Blue Rope & Chrome Ends
  6. 1000mm Black Rope with Chrome Ends
  7. 2000mm Black Rope & Chrome Ends
  8. Wall Bracket for Queuing Rope
Showing 8 Item(s)
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